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Curly Lizard Films

Broadcast documentary production

- Unusual angles
- Different perspectives
- All genres

Prepare to do a double-take


Our own projects will be, quite simply, ones that please us. Films with rich visuals, gripping stories and plenty of unusual content. Programmes that tickle the imagination. Documentaries and drama-docs.

There will be no compromise on quality. Film-making is a craft, and no step of the craft should be neglected – from initial idea to final polish in post. When we put the films out, our name will be on them. We want that to be a guarantee.

This will be made possible by virtue of experience and a network of contacts around the world – getting the right people to work on a project ensures success. But it also depends on the choice of projects – only certain stories will be the right ones for Curly Lizard!

Where appropriate, we will aim to get the most out of any project we undertake. This can mean accompanying books, websites, CDs and DVDs, downloads – whatever will enhance the production and give the audience a richer, rounder experience.


Guns and Songs

A Sunken Ship
A Buddhist Quest
Good Germans
Mind Control
The Biggest Question Ever Asked
A Genius
Some Politicians
Some More Songs
Particle Physics
A Very Fast Boat
Some Economic Hard Truths


Altogether, Jonathan has been responsible for over 70 hours of programming. It’s a mixed bag, from science to history, social to geographical, travel to cooking, architecture and archaeology.

Find his CV here.

Please contact us for a link to any programmes that are of interest. Showreel below.